I always try to shine
Who's Taylor Swift anyways? Ew


catch me at the 1989 tour being carried out on a stretcher bc I got dehydrated from going too hard

I think all of us will be leaving the stadium in stretchers… it will be like a processional

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Got to love this little one today!! @katrinamoo - happy anniversary, I’ll always support your relationship with someone that treats you as incredibly as Omar does.  I’m so glad you took a few hours out of your anniversary trip to grab lunch with Steven and I- we loved seeing you : )

Enjoying the view after a cold, “uphill both ways” hike to tunnel beach, New Zealand.
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I just have to say I feel really lucky and blessed in life right now.  I’m finally a kindergarten teacher- something I’ve been working towards for 10 years, and some how, just over a year ago, I met the love of my life.  Now we live together and I get to make dinner with him every night and wake up to him in the morning, and sometimes, like right now, he falls asleep next to me while I swifty nerd out on tumblr and he doesn’t even mind… and it’s just really really great.  It’s a state of grace for sure : )

The fans are the reason I have a house… It just made sense and also I think um it’s practicing trusting people and when you give them that trust and you allow them into your life, it’s um honestly, usually they show that trust and that respect back.
- Taylor Swift on why she held the Secret Sessions at her houses on Access Hollywood (via mysweetayngel)

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the best thing about taylor being on tumblr is that she shuts down her own rumors like you think you know what shampoo she uses? NOPE. you think you know the track list? SIT YO ASS DOWN BC YOU’RE WRONG AGAIN.





So….I’m super excited for the new album, and decided to make a ‘1989’ themed cake.  taylorswift what do you think?

I really hope Taylor sees this it’s amazing

Oh wow!

hahaah this is awesome! I hope she sees it!

A Target ad for 1989


Taylor Swift herself followed me on Tumblr… No big deal. (Actually shaking right now. What is going on? When did this happen? How did this happen. Fuck.) #taylorswift

She just kind of looked at me and she supports me,never judges me for anything. She’s like well Selena, if you’re the smartest person in the room, I think you’re gonna be in the wrong room. She thinks I should surround myself and I agree with her, with people that are gonna make me better, that are going to challenge me, motivate me. It just stuck with me so I just constantly repeat that to myself now and I want to surround myself with those kind of people.

Selena Gomez on her advice from Taylor Swift (x)

that’s beautiful

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hey so taylor, you know how being tall is super awk sometimes?? so i’m 5’11 and i think being tall makes me a clumsy fool who looks like a giant in group pics so i am so looking forward to the day i meet you (it will happen!! i feel it!! i believe it!!) and we hug and take a picture and hug some…

hahahahahaha this is awesome


Me when someone mentions Taylor Swift


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When mum gives you Disney princess stickers and you just cant contain your excitement