I always try to shine
Who's Taylor Swift anyways? Ew





Interviewer: Cat guy or dog guy?
Taylor: Um, it depends. My cat’s kinda awesome but we have a love/hate relationship like somedays she just walks up to me and won’t stop meowing. And I’m like ‘what’s wrong with you today? Why are you treating me like this? I don’t need that from you.’ But somedays she’s really needy and clingy and cuddly. So on those days I’m a cat person but on the days when she’s being really moody I’ll just go up to my dogs and they’re always happy. They’re always like whats up?
Interviewer: But as far as guys go, do you like guys that like cats or guys that like dogs?
Taylor: Oh I wondered why you asked cat guy, dog guy. I was like I’m a girl first of all.


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