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Who's Taylor Swift anyways? Ew
Taylor Swift’s released songs and who they’re about.


Under the cut since there’s four studio albums worth. Also includes hidden messages and quotes from interviews.

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This is awesome- The only thing I’ll add is that “wont stop till it’s over” is a repeated lyric in the song “sweet disposition” by The Temper Trap.  I think that this connects Trecherous and All to well- and we know all to well is about Jake.  

It would be so awesome if we added links to the information the speculations are off of.  Like the quotes are really helpful but links to the interview or what ever could be aweomse. 

Props to who ever made this- I love reading through them.  I have my original notes from Speak now and Red- I like to try and figure them out before I look online.  But I like getting to see the Taylor and Fearless ones all acumulated together! 

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I hope you don't think I was being racist or anything in my post that you replied to... My name is Brooke so they refer to her character as that so I don't get confused when they talk about her haha. That's super cool that you know her though! You should be proud :)

no! I didn’t think so! I’m sorry, I just thought it was a fun tidbit I could share : ) I’m sorry if I made you think that I thought that… I know your name is brooke, I reblog your stuff constantly. I’m really happy for her, she is in the 3rd season too and they are filming now.  She’s on instagram as “ohlittleasianone” hahaha so the term “asian one” is really not offensive! hahaha

thats like my little white car driving from my san francisco house to my sonoma house : )


"taylor swift should write a song called ‘maybe i’m the problem’"


um gif perfection

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It was quite a funny situation though ‘cause (her place) it’s like surrounded by Grammys - she’s got like seven or eight and like Billboard awards and Songwriting Guild and stuff like that and i’m like ‘this chord, huh?’ and she’s like just (points to the shelf).
- Ed Sheeran on being “schooled” by Taylor Swift (via feariess)

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