I always try to shine
Who's Taylor Swift anyways? Ew

That’s our new house! At the top of twin peaks! We are all moved in and so happy!

Important (to me at least)
Hahahaha omg @ohlittleasianone if you posted it then I will too! Now that you’re like kind of a big deal this is the best #tbt - I had never laughed so hard in my life- well until Anthony woke up screaming the next morning because he forgot that he had out on Alon’s monkey pants and the tail scared him! Hahahaha
#Tbt to these college freshman an high school seniors being little bitty middle schoolers! Love you! @taylor_may_sartori @mattmdaman @katrinamoo @ktkofsr @louiseabigaill
i should tattoo this on my arm


"I’m dancing on my own…"